College is for everyone

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I was the first in my family to go to college and if I can accomplish that, so can anyone else. My parents were immigrants with a 3rd grade education and worked minimum wage jobs trying to achieve the American dream. They understood the value of education and that is why I know college is for everyone.

College for every high school student

Cooperating with high schools, I will work to guarantee every student in high school applies and is given a spot in one of our colleges to pursue a degree or a career. This will require a strengthened relationship with school districts working at the school level with counselors and teachers, and with support from the administration.

College for any adult

The options in Continuing Education are so vast that there is truly something for everyone. Unfortunately, not enough people know about the opportunitites. I will establish community relationships to market these programs. Utilizing community organizations we will get the word out to future Adult students that are already looking for opportunities, but for some reason don’t know what our colleges have to offer.


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